When pricing our cakes we take in to account the number of servings needed, the complexity of the design and any particulars our clients require. Once we have all this information we can begin building your dream cake.

Wedding Cakes
Our wedding cakes are priced per serving, starting at £5 per portion and increase in price based on the complexity of the design. The majority of our clients choose designs based on a £7-£12 price point.

Sculpted Cakes
Our three dimensional cakes are hand sculpted and tailored to your vision. Sculpted cakes start from £150; serving around 15 guests (or less depending on how generous you want to be!) and increase in price based on size and/or complexity of design.

Standard Shapes
Our standard shaped cakes (Round/square/hexagonal) are priced the same as our wedding cakes, starting from £5 per serving and increase in price based on complexity of design. 

Cupcakes/Mini Cakes*
Cupcakes start at £4 each.

All flavours from our cake menus can be made miniature in cupcake form. 

Mini Cakes start at £7 each.

Our miniature cakes can be just as intricate as life-sized ones so prices will increase with complexity of design. *Cupcakes and miniature cakes require a minimum order of 12.

Favours are that extra special touch of personality to your event - each one being as unique as you. We offer a selection of party favours such as: french macarons, decorated biscuits and chocolate bonbons.

Please ask for more information: enquiries@keirongeorge.com